Planting at Reeder’s Alley Saturday – June 4th

Ready, Set, Plant!  Here we go.  Our first planting will be at Reeder’s Alley on Saturday – June 4th.  Reeder’s Alley is located on Park Avenue past the Lewis and Clark library on the right as you head south out of town towards Unionville.  If you turn at Reeder’s Village past the Alley and take your first right and then left before crossing the bridge and go under the bridge, you can park at the top of the alley next to the old Stonehouse.   

 We will be planting the barrels , working on the flower beds with a crew from Americorp and the Montana Heritage Commission.  If you don’t know much about gardening, this is  a great way to learn hands on.  Join us Saturday morning at 10:30 am.  Bring you favorite trowel or shovel, a dandelion puller, gloves, knee pads, hat and water bottle.  We will order lunch from Staggering Ox.  If you have any extra, hardy, drought & deer resistant perennials,bring them and we will tuck them in the flower beds.  The color theme is bright yellows, golds, blues and purples.  The yellow and gold represent the discovery in the gulch.  The purple represents the mountains around Helena during sunset and sunrise and the blue represents the big blue skies we typically see in Helena, although we haven’t had much of that lately but tomorrow does indeed look promising for nice weather.


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