National Pollinator Week

This week is National Pollinator Week –  Take a minute to learn about pollinating insects, birds and mammals.  Here is a great video to get you started –  While Montana does not have all the plants and species displayed in this video, we do have similar pollination activities that occur in Montana with our native species of plants, insects, mammals and birds.  Some of these pollinators are threatened and even endangered because they only have a limited selection of host plants.  You can help out by planting some native plants in your yard.

Native plants are great because they take less water and do not require soil amendments.  Check out the Montana Native Plant Society web site listed in the links on the right for more details on specific plants that may work in your yard.  Many nurseries have also started carrying more native plants and can provide advice on planting natives.    If you want to plant  species on the endangered or threatened list check out the  Montana Natural Heritage Program web site at   We can each help ensure these species will be available in the future by tucking a few in a neglected area of our yard.   Never collect plants from the wild. Get your seeds and plants from reputable sources and enjoy some wildflowers in your own back yard.


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